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Jiangsu Zhaochi Technology Co., Ltd.
Engineer innovation with CFD- focused multiphysics


Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 是一个完整的多物理场解决方案,可对真实条件下工作的产品和设计进行仿真。其独特之处在于,Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 给每位工程师的仿真工具包带来了自动化设计探索和优化,让其可以高效地探索整个设计空间,而不是将注意力集中在单点设计场景上。

使用 Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 引导您的设计流程,从中获得的额外见解最终将会打造出远超客户期望且更加富有创新性的产品。


Electrochemistry Simulation

Significantly improving a battery design across its whole operating range is a challenging task, and involves the simultaneous optimization of numerous parameters. Simcenter provides a complete simulation environment for the analysis and design of the electrochemical system and detailed geometry of individual battery cells.


Fluid dynamics simulation

Simcenter 提供了业界前沿的计算流体动力学软件,让您得以对任何包含液体流或气体流(或两者的组合)和所有关联物理场的工程问题进行模拟。


Moving Objects

Problems that involve multiple moving and interacting components can be easily simulated using overset meshing, mesh morphing, or a combination of both. The moving mesh capabilities can also be used for parametric studies and for steady or unsteady simulations,   providing an easy way to reposition or replace objects to study multiple design configurations.



Computational rheology is used to model non-Newtonian or viscoelastic materials in industrial problems. The rheology solver accurately resolves the dominant physics of complex rheological material flow and helps predict their behavior.


Battery Simulation

Digitally validate Li-ion cell design including geometrical cell specifications and cell performance. Extensive components of a battery cell are available, as well as a material database to support the user in its model development.



Couple to other simulation tools through dedicated interfaces, or an intuitive API. This enables the multi-physics simulations with different time scales ranging from microseconds to thousands of seconds, providing faster and more accurate analyses and shorter turnover times for development and assessment of complex designs


Design Exploration

Rather than just simulating a single operating point, explore how your product performs over the full range of operating conditions that it will face during its working life, and employ intelligent design exploration to discover better designs faster.


Electric Machines

Comprehensive analytical models include all aspects of the design of electric machines, including thermal, electromagnetic and drive control. Of particular importance is the efficient utilization, and even elimination, of magnets. Our simulation tools are structured to give seamless design capability over the entire range of permanent-magnet machines and the alternatives including hybrid combinations and covers the entire range of power, voltage, and speed used in vehicle systems.


Engine Simulation

Engine simulations involve moving components, multiphase flow, combustion and heat transfer. You no longer have to be an expert user to simulate internal combustion engines: using an application-specific workflow and simplified interface allows you to set up engine simulations quickly and easily. Expert users can use those simulations as the starting point for performing more complicated multiphysics engine simulations that exploit the full range of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ simulation capabilities.


Solid Mechanics

Almost all real-world engineering problems ultimately depend on the interaction between fluids and solid structures. Simcenter STAR-CCM+ offers both finite volume (FV)-based computational fluid dynamics and finite element (FE)-based computational solid mechanics (CSM) in an easy-to-use single integrated user interface. Using this approach you can solve static, quasi-static, and dynamic problems including those with nonlinear geometry and multiple parts using bonded and small sliding contacts.

Customer Success

EMA Engineering and Consulting uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to ensure safety and comfort of buildings

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